leah1878 (leah1878) wrote in outlander_slash,

Title: Drabble
Author: Leah1878
Part: Of the Voyager book, during the flashback just as Jamie is being sent to work as a groom
Pairings: John Grey/Jamie
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: mild slash
Summary: Jamie deals with being surprised
Author's Notes: none

John/Jamie Drabble

So John Grey liked men.

It had surprised him more then he wanted to admit.

“We’ll be stopping at the next house for the night,” came Grey’s quiet voice and Jamie purposely kept his eyes locked on the path in front of him.

He swung off the horse, following Grey into house, and stayed stubbornly silent as Grey thanked the woman and walked first into the room they’d be sharing.

He stayed standing, the glare still in his eyes, watching him.

Jamie didn’t know what exactly he expected to happen, but somehow he wasn’t surprised when Grey just glanced at him and sighed, curling up on the bed, and pulling the covers around his shoulders.

Jamie lay down on the floor, pulling his threadbare cloak around him, closing his eyes and trying to tell himself he wasn’t disappointed.
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