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5th April 2010

thrihyrne1:21pm: A quick LJG note
Hello to those still here, probably eagerly awaiting more Outlander/Lord John Grey stories. I signed up at lgbtfest and here's the prompt I was able to claim:
    1870. Lord John Grey series, John/Hector, When John met Hector, anything about how their relationship started (including coming out scenarios if you wish), or the issues surrounding the need for secrecy - finding love and being gay in the 18th C British army. From either's POV.

This fest isn't anonymous or secretive, so I can let people know that I'll be writing from Hector's POV in a series of a few vignettes. Prompt claiming there is over, but there are some other unclaimed prompts that might provide inspiration for people here:

Lord John Grey series, John Grey, Of all the things that are odd about visiting the future, one of the oddest is seeing what's changed for people like him (and what's still very much the same).

Lord John Grey series, John Grey. The native peoples in the Americas have a more comfortable attitude toward sex in general. Returning to England after the Battle of Quebec is eye-opening in more than one way, but that one in particular. (Exploration of John/Manock would be lovely.)

Lord John Grey series, Lord John Grey, What is his marriage to Isobel Dunsany like? Does she suspect? Does he come out to her? If so, what is her reaction? How do they relate to each other? How does being 'respectably married' change John's social life?

Lord John Grey series, Lord John Grey, Being in love with your straight best friend isn't easy.

Maybe these plot bunnies will nibble on someone's ankle here!

12th September 2009

thrihyrne11:01am: Anybody still active here?
Hello! A friend of mine was writing a Lord John story this past spring and I'd not heard of the series. I began listening to them as books on tape in my car, and became absolutely hooked. I've not written any fanfic myself in this series (yet) but am hoping that this year in participating in Yuletide that I'll get matched with another LJG fan. In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and link to the five Yuletide Lord John stories and try to drum up some activity here, if there's interest. :)

Lord John Grey fanfiction as posted to Yuletide. Go, read, and if you hadn't already, leave a comment or two!

16th March 2006

leah18786:30pm: Title: Drabble
Author: Leah1878
Part: Of the Voyager book, during the flashback just as Jamie is being sent to work as a groom
Pairings: John Grey/Jamie
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: mild slash
Summary: Jamie deals with being surprised
Author's Notes: none

Read more...Collapse )
leah18786:24pm: Only Outlander slash fics I know of:

Within A Dark Wood by Blackletter
The rebel Jamie Fraser is once more at the mercy of the English…and Lord John Grey. Fraser’s to be executed at dawn, but Grey can’t bear to see his friend hang without speaking to him one last time, and Fraser hopes not to be hanged at all.



Dreams by monddolch
Some of Lord John's thoughts and dreams in Ardsmuir

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